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The #1 Way to Grow Your Business (and Your Social Life)

| Flourish Monthly

If you're a small business owner, life can get hectic. You're often wearing all the hats in your business, from CEO to production to sales to janitor. So it's understandable that you might not think you have time to market! With that in mind, you might not want to hear this. But we have to say it. The #1 way for many entrepreneurs to grow their business is... networking!! (We'll duck now while you consider throwing things at your screen.)

Networking offers you the following benefits: 

  • It’s the quickest way to connect with other professionals.
  • It gives you an opportunity to build “social proof” for your products or services.
  • It builds a personal network of likeminded people for when you have a question or need to vent.
  • It creates a virtual “sales force” of people who will promote your business because they like you!
  • It connects you to your community: neighbor businesses, nonprofit organizations, your school district, and even local government.
  • And let’s face it! Sometimes you need a reason to get dressed, leave the house, and talk to the three-dimensional people. 

At Flourish, we recommend three different types of networking for your business. 

  1. Open networking, like the Chamber of Commerce. Everyone can join, and you’re likely to see bigger crowds and more varied members. You’ll become a part of your larger community by being active in your Chamber. 
  2. Referral groups. These are typically made up of one member per business category. Here you’ll learn about each member’s business and build a tight-knit group of people who are there solely to grow and help each other grow. 
  3. Give back. Whether it’s a volunteer position, nonprofit, kid-related volunteer time, your church, or something else, we think every business person should find a place to give back. Not only does it help the organization you’re giving to, it makes you more visible in your community, and it just feels good and helps you create some balance.

We think networking is so important that we’ve made it part of our business model, with several local referral groups. Flourish Networking is a fun and supportive place to grow your business, meet other local professionals, and learn together to be good at networking. 

Some of our best friends and business partners are people we met through networking! We’d love to help you give it a try. Shoot us a private message or an email to find out more. 

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