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Social Media Sizzle: Mastering the Art of Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

| Flourish Monthly

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on crafting a social media plan that’s as unique as your small business. In the wild world of online connections, standing out is the name of the game, and that’s where your social media strategy comes in. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a local shop owner, or the brains behind the next big thing, building a community around your brand is essential. 

We get it; social media can be as overwhelming as figuring out what to eat for dinner tonight… Every night… But fear not! We’re here to help you navigate this digital jungle and come out on the other side with a plan that’s as unique as your business. Because building a community isn’t just good vibes - it’s also fantastic for your business growth. Get ready to turn those likes into loyal customers, one post at a time!

First off, have you joined our Flourish on Social Facebook group? Each month, we provide group members with a planner with each of these steps for free. And each planner is customized with a list of holidays and observances for each month. Plus, the group is a great place for you to get support from the Flourish team and your fellow business owners as you craft your social media plans together! Click here to join the group. Both the planner and your group membership are totally free.

Okay, down to the nitty gritty details! With just 4 simple steps, you’ll have a social media plan that’s easy to follow and will get your digital community up and running in no time. 

1. Determine Where and How Often

The first step (after identifying your ideal client) to creating your social media plan is to determine where you’ll be posting. Where does your ideal client spend their time? If they spend their time on Instagram, then you’ll probably want to post on Instagram. How often you post often depends on the platform. Pinterest, for instance, works best when you post 50 pins per week. That’s a lot of posting! However, 3 times per week is a decent amount for a platform like Facebook. Determining where you’ll be posting and how often will be the foundation of your plan.

2. Decide What Type of Content

Does your ideal client like motivational quotes? How about industry-specific articles? Are people more likely to work with you if they see great reviews from previous clients? Take the time to get inside the head of your target audience and figure out what they want to see. Whatever content you decide to post, we recommend following the 80/20 rule: only 20% of what you post should be sales posts. Remember: social media is silly. People go there for fun content. If you want people to engage with your page, you need to be posting fun content. The more people engage, the more likely they are to see your occasional sales post and potentially work with you. You don’t need to avoid the sales posts, just make sure you include plenty of jokes with your content, too, if that fits your company’s personality!

3. Hashtag Holidays

Another great way to help you follow the 80/20 rule is to post about holidays and observances. Yes, we are definitely talking about “real” holidays like Thanksgiving, but we’re also talking about “fake” holidays like International Tea Day. Social media is about building community. The best way to do that is by building engagement and people are more likely to engage with content they relate to. Posting about National Candy Corn Day and starting a debate is a great way to create engagement! (For the record, candy corn is gross. Don’t touch it.) There are friendlier ways to create communities than starting debates, but posting about holidays and observances - what we call “hashtag holidays” - is a great way to encourage people to engage with your content.

4. Write it all down

Here’s the most important part of your social media plan: writing it down. This will help you keep track of your plan and what you want to do with it! We like to plan for one month at a time, so we grab a month’s calendar, color code the categories from step 2 (an unnecessary but very helpful step), and put them on our calendar with our hashtag holidays. This way, there’s a visual representation of our plans! This also helps us make sure our categories are evenly spread out. For example, if quotes are a small part of our plan, we want to make sure we don’t post about them twice in a row. Mapping everything out on a calendar helps us keep organized! 

With all four steps done, you’re ready to start creating! Congratulations on conquering the art of crafting your very own social media plan. Remember, building a community isn’t a one-time deal. Keep the conversation going, stay authentic and active with your audience, and sprinkle in a bit of that magic that makes your brand uniquely you. Likely, this plan isn’t going to be perfect on your first try. Don’t fret! Take a look at those analytics and adapt as necessary. If it turns out people engage most with your sales posts, post more of those! Your strategy may change from month to month, but these steps will still be a great foundation as you grow and change. Most importantly, remember to have fun and to celebrate your wins!

If you need help with your social media, Flourish is here for you! From identifying your ideal client to managing your marketing in its entirety, we have the right tools for you. Your business doesn’t fit in a box, so your marketing shouldn’t either! We personalize our packages to fit your needs, big or small. So whether you need help putting together a roadmap or you need help finding a networking group, check out our website to see how we can help.

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