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Navigating Success: Why Your Small Business Needs a Marketing Roadmap

| Flourish Monthly

Running a small business can often feel like sailing through uncharted waters. Without a clear direction, you risk drifting aimlessly, wasting precious time and resources. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business - it’s how you reach and connect with your audience. But a small business without a Marketing Roadmap is like a ship adrift at sea without a compass. In this post, we’ll walk you through what a Roadmap is and how you can make your own.

What is a Marketing Roadmap?

A Roadmap is your guiding light; a strategic plan that outlines your marketing goals and the steps to reach them. Unlike a marketing plan, which is an intangible plan that focuses on specific tactics, a Roadmap is a high-level overview of your journey. A marketing plan tells you how, while a Roadmap tells you who, what, where, and when. Its visual representation provides a clear path, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Even if it’s just you working on your marketing, a Roadmap helps you quickly get back on track without feeling like you have to start from square one. An effective Roadmap will have several things included on it: Your Business Identity, a Customer Profile, and your Marketing Plan.

Your Business Identity

We’ve touched on branding in previous blogs before. In January we talked about why branding is important, and about a month ago we talked about why the colors you choose are important. By now, we hope you know your brand is your business’s DNA - it’s how customers perceive you. Everyone judges books by their cover, so it’s really important to make sure every book you publish (or every social media post, blog, or brochure) has coordinated branding so potential customers know you’re the one who published it. Your brand has a personality, too. Is it straight-forward and professional, or is it free flowing and joyful? Either way, a crucial part of your Roadmap is your brand information (logo, colors, and fonts) and your brand’s personality. This ensures that every time you or your team sits down to create a new book, there will be no trouble creating it with your brand in mind.

Customer Profile

Many business owners skip a crucial step when creating their business. Of course the reason they started their business is to fill a need in the community, but the step that’s often overlooked is who they are serving. Your product or service doesn’t stop at filling a need. You’re working with people, so think about the people. You may be able to serve anyone, but that doesn’t mean you will serve everyone. The best way to start attracting people to your business is to pinpoint between 1-3 customers, figure out what makes them tick, and adapt your marketing plan to attract those three customers specifically. We do a deep-dive in our blog, Communicating with your Ideal Client, so check out that blog if you want to know more about this step, specifically.

Your Marketing Plan

You may already have a plan in mind of how you want to implement your marketing strategy, but we encourage you to take a look at your Customer Profile and make sure the plan you have in mind will attract those 1-3 customers. If they don’t fit the demographic for TikTok, you can probably take that off of your marketing plan. This is the step in creating your Roadmap where you write everything down! It’s a similar idea to writing down your to-do list. Not for the checkboxes (sadly), but so you have a visual reference anytime you or your team create something new. If you plan on posting on social media, what platforms, how often, and what time? Where do your blogs and email newsletters come in? Do you plan on sending out postcards? Every piece of marketing you plan on creating, write down what, where, and when. As a bonus, to make sure you’re staying on track, also write down whether that piece of marketing is geared toward Customer A, B, or C from your Customer Profile.

A Marketing Roadmap is not just a nice-to-have for small business owners; it’s a must-have. It serves as your strategic guide, helping you navigate the complexities of the business world. It allows you to put all of your resources and tools into one place, making the whole marketing process less overwhelming. With a Roadmap in hand, you can make informed decisions, allocate resources wisely, and ultimately steer your small business toward the shores of success. Don’t set sail without it!

If this process sounds overwhelming to you, or you need more support with any of the individual steps, Flourish is here to help! We have many packages available, ranging from just a Roadmap session to helping you strategize for and implement your marketing plan. Reach out to book a consultation and we’ll help you create that compass so you’re never adrift at sea.

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