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So, you want to manage your company’s social media pages. It should be simple - influencers make it a full time job, even! But when you sit down to start, that blank piece of paper stares back at you, mocking your lack of creativity. Or even if your paper isn’t blank, it can be so hard to decide which things to post on which days! And sometimes knowing what to post requires scrolling back through your feed to figure out what you’ve posted recently. I’ve definitely been there with the blank piece of paper and the scrolling, dealing with the web browser struggling to load so many things at once.

Here’s your solution to Content Superstardom: A Content Calendar.

You’re probably asking: “Where do I get one of those?” No, you can’t just stop by Office Depot and pick one up. You have to create it yourself! Trust us, it will keep you organized and make sure you don’t have to be creative to know what to post on any given day.

So what is a content calendar, exactly? Simply put: it’s a calendar that organizes what you’re going to post and when. Having a calendar (rather than a list) is a great way to visualize what your week or month of social posts look like! It allows you to plan ahead for what you want to post, making it so you don’t have to jumpstart the creative side of your brain in order to create content for the day. Creating one takes just 4 steps:

  1. Get your calendar.
    1. Flourish does this digitally with Google Sheets, but you can do this in a planner, on a piece of paper, or any type of calendar you want!
  2. Pick 5-10 categories you’d like to post about.
    1. Examples include holidays, reviews, products/services, questions, and more. We like to color code this part so it’s especially easy to see in our calendar. Remember the 80/20 rule: you should only sell 20% of the time. The other 80% should be filled with inspiration, education and entertainment. What will your audience respond to?
  3. Figure out how many days you’d like to post.
    1. For Facebook and Instagram, you really only need to post 5 times a week. We usually pick weekdays for this, but if there’s something special happening on a weekend we’ll post about it! You can also check your analytics to see when your audience is online and strategically plan your posts on those days and times. 
  4. Assign a category to each day you’d like to post.
    1. Post a review on Tuesday. Ask your followers a question on Friday. Assignments can be totally random if you want! Colors are helpful here as well so we can make sure we’re not posting our orange category too often.

Eventually, you’re going to run out of pre-planned days to post. This is when you’ll need to update your calendar! Just fill in your days with the categories you’ve selected and you’ll be good to go. We update our content calendars every week, but you can also plan for a month in advance. Try both and figure out what flow works best for you!

We understand this process can be intimidating, but once you’ve done it a few times it becomes second-nature! If you need help for any step in creating your content calendar, we can help. Flourish on Social, or FoS for short, is an affordable monthly subscription that can give your social posting a boost. It includes a calendar, step-by-step worksheet, and prompts that will help you plan, create, and implement content for your social media platforms. We also have a Facebook group for subscribers to receive bonus prompts, graphics, and support from fellow subscribers and the team at Flourish. If you’re interested in joining us, click the link below to get started. We would love to have you here!

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