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Flourish on Social Update: A New Chapter

| Flourish Monthly

In a previous post, we told you all about our content calendar subscription: Flourish on Social. Flourish on Social used to be a $19 per month subscription service where we walked you through the steps of planning your own social media content, as well as gave you a calendar and ideas so you can do it yourself. We initially were offering this subscription as a low-cost way to manage your own marketing. A document full of hashtags, fun social media holidays, and guiding questions. Doesn’t that sound great? Well we have some news for you…

We're so excited to announce that Flourish on Social is now free! You heard it, no more paying for our content planner. Just a month ago, we had a retreat where we restructured some of our services and this made us realize how important supporting our community really was - especially when you've been here with us through everything over the last few years. This means that all of you can now access everything from content planners, social media calendar templates with suggested hashtags and trends - plus so much more - without any additional charge whatsoever. 

We want you to have the best experience possible. So, in addition to being free of charge, we've made some changes that will make FoS even better than before. We’ll still provide the same document we provided subscribers month-to-month, but we also have a Facebook page full of engaging content for extra guidance with your own social media, as well as bonus marketing tips that may go beyond the scope of online marketing. Every month will include the following content:

  • Prompts so you don’t have to worry about writer’s block.
  • Free graphics to use in your own social media.
  • Tutorials teaching you how to do the daily (or weekly, or monthly) tasks that are required when planning your marketing.
  • Marketing tips that go beyond the scope of digital media.
  • Outside resources to help you with your marketing.
  • Links to our blogs to teach you marketing avenues you may not be using (plus bonus content from some trusted partners. Stay tuned for a blog about designing home offices!)
  • A Facebook community to act as support and a resource as you navigate through your planning.
  • The Flourish team to support you and answer any questions that may come up

If you need a little help marketing your business, look no further than this Facebook group. You can find all of the tools that we’ve used and tested here plus many more! Even if our planner isn't what suits your small business’s needs (though there's something for everyone!), don't forget to join anyway - it'd be great seeing you on board.

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