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Branding by Professionals

| Flourish Monthly

Most entrepreneurs start their business with a big idea to meet a need or serve their community. The business begins with passion and focuses on developing the products and services the company offers. Because of this, branding can often become something on the to-do list because you can’t operate without a logo. This may be hard to hear, but as important as it is to serve your community, you can’t do that without the strong foundation of an intentional brand. And just because branding is so crucial to your business doesn’t mean it can be effectively created from something like a Canva template. A company’s branding is so important that it probably should be developed by a professional. Let’s talk about exactly why this is the case.

Why is Branding Important?

Your brand is crucial to your marketing. It sets up your company’s identity and how it shows up in the world. It expresses who you are, what you stand for, and why customers should choose you over other people in the industry. According to Forbes, your company’s brand is important for the following reasons:

  1. It helps people recognize your business.
  2. It helps build trust.
  3. It can improve your advertising.
  4. It helps employees with team-building.
  5. It creates loyal customers.

Ultimately, if your company has a strong identity that effectively communicates your values, it can only create a stronger relationship with potential customers.

Elements of an Effective Brand

So what should you consider when building your brand? It should absolutely reflect your company’s personality, but a helpful strategy when starting a business is to make every element work in multiple ways. In this case, your brand shouldn’t just be a reflection of your company or a good way for potential customers to identify you. What if your branding could also be a marketing tool? Most successful companies look at branding this way. Considering things like color theory and how you want your clients to feel about your company when they work with you can be crucial to this process. Something as seemingly simple (say that five times fast) as whether your product is a necessity or a luxury is incredibly important to express in your company’s brand.

Why Have a Professional Do It?

Our biggest reason we recommend businesses work with a professional on their branding is because the professionals know what questions to ask. You don’t know what you don’t know, right? Well, the professionals do know. And, if we’re being frank, do you really want to learn what you don’t know? We cover the basics of why you should hire a professional to do the things you don’t necessarily want to in a previous blog, but when it comes to branding we have more reasons to hire a professional than not wanting to learn it yourself. Investing in a professional brand design brings more intention to the entire process. When you work with Flourish, we want to know the entire story. This goes for everything we do, but it’s particularly important when it comes to branding. Knowing why you got started and how that process went helps us know your company’s values. It also helps us identify what client you’re trying to attract and what you want their experience to look like. We take that and the answers to many other questions and apply it to graphic design, color theory, and even whether your logo should include your company’s name or not. A professional brand will represent your company better and put more value behind your brand, emotionally and monetarily. This doesn’t even begin to mention how good you will feel having a brand that accurately reflects you and your business.

Your company’s personal identity is obviously crucial to its success. It’s infused in every nook and cranny it can possibly be part of. And for everything, especially something like a logo, it’s great to have something work in multiple ways. A brand expresses your identity as well as works as a marketing tool. If something is so important for your success, why not do it the right way? We promise: a professionally created brand identity is worth the investment. Canva will work for now, but it can only be good for you to take the leap. And hey, what a great segway! We at Flourish love serving our community and fellow small business owners. This often means being there for you when you’re ready to take a big leap. Our experience here at Flourish means we’ll be able to create your branding with our marketing experience as well as our graphic design experience. We’ll make sure your branding accurately reflects your company and attracts your ideal customer. If you’re ready for a brand that’s created with intention, we’d love to work with you!

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