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Beyond Social Media: Diversifying Your Marketing Toolkit for Small Business Success

| Flourish Monthly

Picture this: you’ve built up a thriving social media presence, engaging with your audience, sharing your story, and spreading your brand’s message far and wide. As entrepreneurs and small business owners we’re no strangers to the power of social media in connecting with our audience, building brand awareness, and driving business growth. But what if one day, poof! Your social media page disappears into the digital abyss? It’s a scenario that none of us want to contemplate, but the truth is social media isn’t infallible. There are many ways and reasons you could lose access to your social media followers (see also: no reason at all), so it’s time to broaden our horizons and discover some marketing strategies that will stand the test of time, even if the social media landscape shifts beneath our feet.

Google My Business: Your Marketing and SEO Lifesaver

With a fully optimized GMB profile, you can ensure that your business appears prominently on Google search results, maps, and local listings. From showcasing your business hours and contact information to collecting customer reviews and posting updates, GMB offers a wealth of features to help you attract and engage with potential customers in your area. It’s really like a free second website! Plus, Google will sometimes create these profiles automatically without your knowledge. So if you don’t “claim” your profile there could be incorrect information listed, negative reviews that you’re not aware of, or your business could even be listed as permanently closed! Make sure to take advantage of Google My Business to avoid the negative effects but also to build the positive ones.


Email Newsletters: Your Digital Lifeline

Let’s kick things off with everyone’s favorite digital communication tool - the email newsletter! While social media platforms come and go, your email list remains a steadfast pillar of communication with your audience. Building up your subscriber list means you never have to worry about losing your social media following. Plus, who doesn’t love a personalized message waiting for them in their inbox? Check out our blog about Email List Expansion to learn how to start incorporating newsletters into your marketing strategy!


Blogging Brilliance: Sharing Stories and Expertise

Ah, the humble blog - a versatile platform for sharing stories, insights, and expertise with your audience. Whether you’re sharing industry tips, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or customer success stories, blogging allows you to showcase your brand’s personality and establish authority in your niche. Plus, it’s a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website and improving your search engine rankings. There are many reasons why blogging is a crucial part of a complete marketing strategy so read our blog, Blogging for SEO, to learn more.


Direct Mail Delights: Going Old-School Cool

Who says snail mail is a thing of the past? Direct mail marketing offers a tangible and memorable way to connect with your audience, especially in a world saturated with digital noise. From postcards to personalized letters, direct mail allows you to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Get creative with your designs, offer enticing promotions, and watch as your mailbox fills with responses from eager customers. Read our latest blog to learn more about non-digital marketing strategies!


Networking: Building Bridges, One Handshake at a Time

Networking can be intimidating, but it’s truly the best way to build connections that last long after social media. Some people have a hard time looking past the transactional aspect of networking. But once you look at your conversation as relationship first, business second, it’s hard to deny the power behind these interactions! Networking is about more than just handshakes and business cards, so attend local networking events and community gatherings to build your community and never worry about losing your social media following. We recommend your local Chamber of Commerce or one of our Flourish Networking groups!


Remember this, dear small business owners: while social media marketing certainly has its place, it’s not the end-all be-all of your marketing strategy. By embracing diverse tactics like these, you’re not just future-proofing your business - you’re building a resilient and adaptable brand that can weather any storm. Plus, you’re catching any stragglers in your audience that may not fit your primary marketing strategy!

If you need help brainstorming strategies to incorporate into your marketing plan or need help carrying out your strategy, Flourish is here to help! Whether your company is brand new or 50 years old, we can help your business grow. Reach out to book a consultation and we’ll help you build a strategy that is social media-proof.

Happy marketing, and may your business continue to Flourish!

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