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AI Isn't Bad, but AI Isn't You

| Flourish Monthly

Let’s talk about the buzzword of the century: AI. Yep, artificial intelligence - the tech marvel that’s supposed to revolutionize our world while simultaneously making us afraid of Skynet all over again. While we probably don’t need to worry about a real-life-version of the Terminator films, there has been a lot of talk in the past few years about jobs being fully replaced by AI. We’ve all seen our fair share of poorly- and well-made examples of what AI can do, but today we’re here to debunk the myth that AI can replace the good ol’ human touch. We believe humans surpass AI for all things we create, but today we’ll talk about marketing.

In a world where we’re bombarded with ads, emails, and social media noise 24/7, what sets your business apart? Hint: it’s not just your killer product or services (although that’s important too). Nope, it’s the human touch - the genuine connections that make your customers feel seen, heard, and valued. Sure, AI can churn out “personalized” emails faster than you can say, “I’ll be back,” but let’s be real: receiving a generic email from a faceless robot doesn’t exactly warm your heart. People crave authenticity. They want to connect with real humans, not algorithms.

Now, we’re not saying AI is all bad. Far from it! We actually used ChatGPT to help us write this blog. When used wisely, AI can be a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. According to Constant Contact’s recent report, Small Business Now: An AI Awakening, “91% of [small businesses who use AI] say that it has helped make their business more successful, and 60% reported saved time and greater efficiency.” And 28% of those users “expect their business to save more than $5000 in the coming year as a result of using AI in their marketing.”

There are AI tools for just about anything you may need in your business. In fact, anything automated can technically be classified as Artificial Intelligence. Constant Contact’s report refers to all forms of AI, while we’re referring to AI programs like ChatGPT, which can analyze huge amounts of data or write any type of copy you ask it to (blogs, social media posts, email subject lines, etc). ChatGPT is Flourish’s program of choice when it comes to helping us write content. 

Here are some tips to help you use AI as a Marketing Tool:

  • Get Creative with Content Ideas. We all know you’re an expert in your own field. But when it comes to talking about your industry, it’s hard to know what to talk about! Ask AI to help you come up with a list of topics, questions, or myths to give you inspiration for your content.
  • Optimize Your Keywords. You’ll hate to hear this, but the keywords you make up after writing your blogs probably aren’t the most optimal for an SEO strategy. Copy/paste your content into your AI program and ask it to come up with keywords for you!
  • Write Outlines for Blogs and Emails. When we sit down to write a blog, we’ll often know what topic to write about but will need some help when it comes to structuring the article. ChatGPT has been incredibly helpful for us with writing outlines!
  • Create Titles for Content You’ve Already Written. You wrote the content, so of course you can come up with your own title. However, AI can help you come up with a title that fits your content and targets your specific audience. A catchy title or subject line makes people more likely to read what you’ve written!

When it comes to marketing, there’s one thing that AI will never have: soul. AI will never be able to replace the human touch, but it will help us small business owners save some time! If you ever ask AI to write something for you, make sure to carefully read the whole thing, check its grammar, check its stats and sources, and heavily edit it to make it sound more like you. We’re fans of taking inspiration from AI, rather than asking programs to do work for us. Embrace your authenticity, show your customers the real you, and watch your business flourish like never before. After all, there’s only one you - and that’s something AI can never replicate.

We’d love to help you with your marketing strategy! Whether your company is brand new or 50 years old, we can help your business grow. If you’d like an in-depth conversation and strategy session, we at Flourish Marketing would love to talk with you. Reach out to book a consultation and we’ll help you get started!

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