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7 Tips for Keeping your Workspace Organized

| Flourish Monthly

Is your desk cluttered and chaotic? Do you come to your workspace in the morning dreading sitting at your disorganized desk? It's one of those tasks that should be easy, and you know you should take the time to get organized, but sometimes your desk is just so messy you don't know where to start! Did you know that a tidy and uncluttered work environment can improve both your mental health and productivity? Space to work leaves you space to think, improving your focus, stress levels, and efficiency, giving you the opportunity to be more creative with your work. Luckily, there are ways to keep your workspace organized without dedicating a ton of time or money. Here are seven tips for getting started:

  1. Clear off your desk.

Start by taking everything off of your desk top and out of its drawers. Knowing what you have will make it easier to organize. Move them to a place where you can easily see everything: another desk, a table, or even the floor.

  1. Categorization.

Yes, categorization can make this task seem even more daunting, but this doesn't have to be a huge task! Separate the things you want to keep on your desk and things that need to find another home. Deal with the desk pile first and save the other pile for later.

  1. Make decisions.

Decide what goes in the drawers and what stays in sight. This takes a little bit more brain power because you need to know what works for you! Is it better for you to have your pens in your desk drawer or would you rather have them in a cup on top of your desk? Make decisions about where things go.

  1. Use bins in your drawers.

It seems silly, but using bins in your drawers will help keep things organized! This way, your paperclips will stay in one place and your favorite pen won't roll to the back of your drawer.

  1. Use a monitor riser.

Do you have a small desk? Using a monitor or laptop riser is not only great for ergonomics (this way you're looking forward, not down) but usually there will be room underneath the riser for more storage. Use a small bin to store things you don't need in sight but don't want to put in a drawer.

  1. Have a place for random papers.

Even if you work is digital, do you still find yourself with papers you don't know what to do with? Make sure you have a place for these, even if you scan these to your computer and then recycle the physical copy.

  1. Take time at the end of your day to tidy up.

The best way to make sure you don't start your workday with a messy desk? Clean up the day before. This is arguably the most important thing you can do to stay organized. Doing this will help keep your next day more organized and it's a great way to transition from work to personal life. Especially if you work from home, that transition can be a hard thing to master. Tidying up helps you close down your workday and lets your mind move to other things.

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