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From Inbox to Impact: Small Business Email Marketing Strategies

| Flourish Monthly

Hey Small Business Owners! Picture this: You’re finally sitting down to complete a task you’ve been putting off: creating your marketing plan. You’ve already used our guide to identify your ideal customer, you’ve already joined our Facebook group, Flourish on Social, to learn how to best use social media, but what’s next? You think to yourself, “there must be more to digital marketing than just a social media strategy!” And guess what: there is more to digital marketing than just a social media strategy! The answers are Email Newsletter Marketing and Blogs, but we’ll just focus on Email Newsletters today.

Don’t worry, these aren’t the tips for How to Best Spam Your Clients So Much They Unsubscribe. Join us as we journey through the vital Dos and Don’ts of email marketing, enhancing your ability to make genuine connections and captivate your audience.

The Dos of Email Marketing

  • Personalization: Large chains think they can just slap your first name on an email and call that personalization. While technically that’s true by definition, that shouldn’t be the end of what you do to personalize your emails! Try segmenting your email lists so you can personalize per group. Maybe you group it by product or service, or maybe you send out a personalized birthday email!
  • Subject Line Magic: Your email is a movie and the subject line is the trailer. If it’s boring, nobody’s coming to the show. So make it catchy, intriguing, and most importantly, irresistible.
  • Valuable Content: Your customers want goodies, not fluff. Share something useful (like your latest blog post), entertaining, or even problem-solving. Be the helpful friend they turn to!
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): Guide your readers. Tell them what you want them to do and make it super easy. It’s like giving them a treasure map with a big neon sign that pops off the page and says, “X marks the spot.”

The Don’ts of Email Marketing

  • No Email Overload: We hope this one’s obvious, but nobody likes email spam. Don’t be that guy. Be the inbox buddy your subscribers look forward to hearing from. In email marketing, we especially want quality over quantity!
  • Test, Don’t Guess: It’s A/B testing time! Try different approaches, see what works, and improve. Even if you’re taking the same email content and sharing it at two different times of the day (make sure you’re sending each test to different people).
  • Don’t Ignore Data: Analytics are your best friend in any digital marketing approach. Check your stats regularly and use them to keep improving your email game. Numbers don’t lie!
  • No more Generic: One-size-fits-all? Come on, we’re better than that. Personalize your content based on your audience segments. It’s like custom tailoring your message.

All of these tips are especially vital during the holiday season. This is when your customers are like kids on Christmas morning - they’re hungry for deals, updates, and all things festive. So remember, these Dos and Don’ts become even more vital during the holidays. Your customers want to know what you’re doing, what kind of amazing deals you’ve got, and how you’re spreading the holiday spirit. Even if you’re not offering them any deals, give them a little life-update! Tell them what you (yourself, or as a company) are doing for the holiday season, especially if you’re getting involved in your community.

In a nutshell, all marketing (email marketing or otherwise) is about keeping it real with your customers. Personalize, captivate with great subject lines, offer value, and use killer CTAs. Remember, keep it spam-free, dig into your analytics, and ditch the generic content. And most importantly, always remember: it’s all about your audience! With the help of our free guide, you can identify and talk directly to your customers. Keep them engaged, keep them happy, and you’ll be the business everyone loves to hear from. You’ve got this!

If you’re feeling ready to level up your marketing game but need some extra help or a friendly nudge in the right direction, Flourish is here to support you. Email marketing works excellently in tandem with a strong social media presence. These two channels can be used to cross promote and ultimately, lead customers to your website. So if you need help with either, whether that means we help you plan or we help you implement, visit our website and we’ll chat!

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